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What is
Win the Room™?

Kelly Hadous develops voice and tailors the message to turn up the volume on communication for executives, managers, entreprenuers, and leaders across the globe.

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How Can Win the Room™ Help Me?

Public speaking, pitching, persuading, leading—these are a just a few of the areas where the outcome depends not just on what you say, but on how you say it. This is where we come in.


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Our Approach

People aren't born with the art of communication. It's developed over time, and It's about aligning practical skills into a repeatable approach that helps you step into the spotlight and succeed.

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Our Audience

General Public  Managers / C-Suite / Executives Politicians/Media/Celebrities Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs                College / University Leadership and Faculty


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New York University and Win The Room

WIn The Room and Prosper on Thursday April 17th from 11am to 1pm. Find out more.